Hello, I'm Lakshay Arora.

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Looking for opportunities in the Aerospace/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence sector

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The Introduction.

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I am an aerospace researcher, with expertise in the fields of Spacecraft guidance and control, Path Planning , Optimization, Astrodynamics, Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, with a focus on path planning under uncertainties, at the Carleton University, Canada. I have a good working knowledge of programming environments such as MATLAB, Python, R, Julia, C++ and simulation software including ANSYS, CATIA, Solid Edge and Simulink.


The Past and Current Positions.

Graduate Research Assistant

September 2020 – Present

Ottawa, Canada

Spacecraft Robotics and Control Laboratory, Carleton University

  • Developing a novel path planning algorithm for spacecraft rendezvous and proximity operations under uncertainties, using machine learning.

Graduate Research Assistant - Machine Learning

May 2022 – September 2022

Toronto, Canada

Mitacs Business Strategy Internship - AI Quest and George Brown College

  • Designed and developed a prototype for a pharmacovigilance system to improve drug safety in patients.
  • Leveraged Twitter API to scrape tweets containing pharmacovigilance information, using relevant keywords in Python.
  • Performed data analysis on large-scale drug datasets (40GB) to discover and analyze relationships between drug compound structure and Adverse drug reactions.

Graduate Researcher

September 2017 – February 2020

Kansas, USA

Control and Optimization Research amd Education Laboratory, Wichita State University

  • Developed a new formulation that facilitates the application of reinforcement learning to the problem of spacecraft orbit raising.
  • Proposed a mathematical formulation for the orbit-raising problem in the framework of reinforcement learning to enable adaptive modification of the relative weights in the objective function during a transfer.

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